Please note that this claim is for RE only. RE means you purchased Nexen tires after purchasing your vehicle.
Please click here if your Nexen tires came equipped with your vehicle.

Please read instructions carefully and provide all supporting document to avoid delays with claim process

  • Image size must be less than 3MB
  • Image must be in jpg, png, gif format
  • Image must clearly show required info (see sample images)
  • Completed form must be pdf, png, jpeg, gif format
  • You must be provided each tire’s sidewall, tread area, DOT, RTD, damaged area if you claim more than 1 tire
  • Side Wall #2 (Back) image is not required if tire is still installed on vehicle.
  • Please upload a photo to the tire location.
Front Left (FL)  /  Front Right (FR)
Rear Left (RL)  /  Rear Right (RR)

Step 1. Download Fillable PDF Form

Step 2: Upload Completed Form & Supporting Documents / Photos

Side Wall #1 (Front)
Side Wall #2 (Back) Optional / See Notice Above
Tread Area

Damage Area

Tire Purchase Receipt
Reading of Road Force Test

Completed Claim Form