Nexen Tire Adds New Volkswagen Passat to Original Equipment Portfolio in North America

Nexen Tire Adds New Volkswagen Passat to Original Equipment Portfolio in North America

  • New Passat equipped with Nexen Tire’s N’FERA AU7 premium tire

  • Premium UHP tire with significant improvements offers a premium ride experience

(SEOUL, South Korea, February XX, 2020) – Nexen Tire, a global tire manufacturer, announced that it is supplying N’FERA AU7 in size 215/60R16 95T and 215/55R17 94H, to the new Volkswagen Passat in the North American market as original equipment (OE).

Volkswagen’s Passat is the world’s first mid-size car to sell over 30 million units, which is also one of the best-selling models. The midsize sedan is a dynamic vehicle that is known for its high-quality and performance with wide and spacious interior, equipped with Advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS).

The N’FERA AU7 is an all-season, premium ultra-high performance (UHP) tire developed for high-end sedans, with significantly improved anti-wear capabilities and braking performance on wet surfaces. It provides reliable performance in diverse weather and road conditions across North America and fully fulfills U.S. standards on wet grip and braking. The tire offers a sophisticated driving experience by applying enhanced design standards for noise and vibration.

The N’FERA AU7 also received numerous prestigious awards including the If Design Awards and the Red Dot Award from Germany as well as the IDEA Design Award from the United States, in recognition for its performance and design.

Meanwhile, Nexen Tire completed four major global R&D and production networks –renovation and expansion of its R&D centers in Europe and the U.S., opening of ‘THE NEXEN univerCITY’, the company’s central research institute, at the Magok Industrial Complex in Seoul, Korea in April 2019, and the recent grand opening of its Europe Plant. Through these establishments, Nexen Tire will continue to gain competitive edge by expanding production capacity, bring superior quality and expand sales in the global market.

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