NEXEN TIRE hosts a ceremony celebrating the completion of its Europe plant in Zatec, Czech Republic

NEXEN TIRE hosts a special event along with a ceremony celebrating the completion of its Europe plant to fully enter the global market at the Europe plant in the Czech Republic on August 28.

With the slogan “The New Wave for the Future”, the ceremony is inspired by NEXEN TIRE’s will to achieve its second-phase growth. It will feature various events including video segments with congratulatory messages from notable figures of both countries, as well as a range of performances and a tour of the new plant.

Around 350 people will participate in the ceremony including NEXEN TIRE Chairman Byung-Joong Kang, Global CEO Travis Kang, the Czech Deputy Minister of industry and Trade Petr Ocko, and Usti Governor Oldrich Bubenicek, as well as other guest, employees and residents.

NEXEN TIRE’s Europe plant has a production capacity of approximately 3 million tires a year, which will be increased to 11 million a year by 2022 by gradually extending the installations. This will enable NEXEN TIRE to secure its place in the European and global markets along with its Europe R&D Center built in Germany.

Form 10:30 a.m. (*local time), the ceremony will be live-streamed on NEXEN TIRE’s official YouTube channel NEXENTIRE International (, so don’t miss the chance to check it out online.